Production Courses
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Video Production I

This introductory course is for students to learn about all phases of video production. Students acquire skills in conceptualizing ideas, planning for production, preparing storyboards and shooting scripts, camera operation, lighting and editing. Emphasis is on independent thinking, rigorous planning, purposeful and reflective ideas and collaborative group work. It prepares students who have little or no background in video production for further training and practice in the art form, with greater complexity in using technologies as well as themes and styles. It requires practice in studio and field recording as well as editing and group work.

Video Production II

This course covers all phases of video production (pre-planning, scriptwriting, preparing storyboards, shooting, editing, sound mixing and master-tape preparation). Each student produces a (two-track sound) documentary/video essay on a social topic. Students work on a collaborative basis, creating responsible crews among themselves. The course emphasizes the ethics, principles and practice of independent video production. All-round training is in production techniques, organizational ability to work in groups, and qualities of independent thinking embedded in awareness of the social and historical potential of the medium.

Creative Video

This advanced course in various phases of video production utilizes students’ understanding of the relationships between concepts/theories of culture and identity to independent production. Students develop their own projects in narrative, dramatic, experimental, and documentary or other formats of video production. The course develops particular emphasis on understanding of space, time, and construction of narrative elements and centrality of form to this visual medium. Students work in individual and group projects. It is a challenging course for students to explore relationships between personal and the political and formal and conceptual worlds in race, gender and sexuality.

Senior Thesis

The Senior Seminar courses are the culminating Capstone experience for Media and Communication and Global Media majors. In a two-semester sequence, students produce a body of scholarly and creative work for presentation and their portfolios. The highlight of the academic year is the Senior Thesis exhibition at the end of the spring semester. Examples of creative projects include documentary video, online and hard copy magazines, photojournalism, web sites, creative video, public relations events, narrative video, social media campaigns, novels, video news programs, and experimental installation work.

Animation Practicum

This introductory course explores a variety of different animation styles ranging from traditional 2D, stop-motion, and computer animation, among others. Students learn the fundamentals of timing of motion, integrating graphics between multiple software platforms, storytelling skills and time management in short and long form projects.